About company

Joynet is a telecom operator operating in Turkey, providing a range of services based on modern equipment to individuals and businesses by transferring information over fiber-optic communication lines that allow high-speed data transfer with minimal loss.

Joynet has been approved as a Certified Internet Service Provider by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK). It has successfully entered the number of Internet provider companies all over Turkey. Telematika South Telecommunication Services Company
Internet Service Provider
has an Infrastructure Operation Service License as of 03.03.2020 on 31.08.2015.
Our services that started in Alanya will continue in 33 provinces as of 2021.
From your application to
• Customer satisfaction oriented
• Determining the INTERNET packages you need with a simple and uncomplicated explanation
• A quick connection process
• Contracts that protect customer rights
• System prepared in accordance with KVK
• Friendly service approach
• Dynamic
• Open to innovations
• Solution oriented